Background Info

An overall synopsis of the hit television series that introduced us to a young Clark Kent growing up in Smallville, Kansas who must come to grasps to control his ever evolving powers and keep his secret from those around him.

Cast Biographies

Learn all about the history of your favorite cast members from where they were born to what other television and movie experience they've had before and during Smallville.

Cast Addresses

All the information you need to get in contact with the stars of Smallville whether to wish them a happy birthday, get an autograph, or just to send a fan letter.

Episode Guide

A complete rundown and description of each Smallville episode from seasons one, two, and three.

Episode Reviews

Reviews covering every episode from the hit series with updates regularly as the show introduces new stories.

Smallville Gallery

Google based gallery featuring images from the television series 'Smallville' which debuted on The WB on October 16, 2001. The collection includes images of the cast, episodes, and much more.