The Amazing World of Superman

Originally planned for construction in Metropolis, Illinois and scheduled to open in 1972, The Amazing World of Superman was a giant complex that would have brought to life many phases of the Superman legend through rides, exhibits, and other forms of entertainment.

Unfortunatly, the extreme oil shortage in the U.S. of the early 70's and the constant delays in the completion of an interstate running parallel to the park caused the whole project to come to an abrupt end before constrution even started. After Metropolis had spent hundreds of thousands to promote the park through posters and ads, it and the money were gone. The city took almost ten years to recover.

Even though it's been over 25 years since the original park was to have been built, a new park to be called "Superland" that would be built on the same site might become a reality. Investors have already been found and construction may begin as soon as the year 2009! If all things go according to plan this time, the world will finally get a park dedicated to it's one true superhero.

Above Design Sketch Features

  • Entrance to World of Superman
  • Full-size enlarged bottle city of Kandor
  • Main Street of Smallville
  • Superboy's boyhood home
  • Bizarro playground
  • Boating and Skating rink
  • Flags of all nations
  • Voyage to Krypton
  • Kryptonopolis - capital city of Krypton
  • Moving sidewalk to Fortress entrance
  • Fortress of Solitude
  • Restaurant above Fortress of Solitude
  • Statue of Superman
  • The restaurant's stained glass roof
  • Giant key to the Fortress of Solitude
  • Rainbow Falls
  • Transparent walk surrounding the park
  • First aid station
  • Hall of Science
  • Convention Hall
  • Movie Theater
  • Craft Shops
  • Shopping Mall
  • Supermarket
  • Hotel
  • Parking Lot