Krypto the Superdog

Krypto the Superdog is an American animated television series produced by DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation, based on the DC Comics character Krypto. The show premiered on Cartoon Network in March 25, 2005.

As the planet Krypton is about to be destroyed, Superman's father Jor-El makes a ship and puts Krypto into it, planning to send Krypto up for a test flight to see if the ship is safe enough for interstellar travel. While aboard the ship, Krypto inadvertently presses a few buttons, causing the ship to put him into a deep sleep while the ship heads on to Earth.

Upon landing on Earth, Krypto finds he's a full grown dog, possessed of superpowers similar to those of Superman's (since all Kryptonian lifeforms gain superpowers from exposure to a yellow sun, such as Earth's sun). Later, Krypto is adopted by Kevin Whitney, a grade-school aged boy, who Superman arranges for Krypto to stay with. Krypto poses as an ordinary dog while living with Kevin's family, but adopts the secret identity of "Superdog" for his superheroic deeds; Kevin is aware of Krypto's dual identity. Krypto eventually meets other animals as well, including Streaky, the cat who lives next door (who becomes the superpowered "Supercat" in the episode "The Streaky Story").

In this series, the various animals, including Krypto, all are capable of speaking to each other, but not to humans, save for Kevin (who is able to communicate with Krypto and the other animals thanks to a universal translator Kevin wears).


Streaky the Supercat: A cat who lives next door to Krypto and Kevin's family. In episode 3, "The Streaky Story", Streaky gained superpowers by a duplicating ray that was aimed at Krypto, but reflected off of him and hit Streaky instead; Streaky later found that he had superpowers similar to Krypto's. Streaky in the series belongs to a girl named Andrea. Unlike Krypto, Streaky is less serious about his superhero activities, and sometimes needs prodding to perform heroic deeds, but usually is dependable. Brian Drummond is the voice behind Streaky.

Ace the Bat Hound: Batman's pet dog, a German Shepherd. Ace fights crime utilizing various detective skills and gadgetry built into his collar; he also uses a rocket sled for traveling long distances. Ace wears a dark colored cape and cowl similar to Batman's, and (like Batman) possesses a stoic personality; however, Ace does occasionally work alongside Krypto and considers him an ally. Ace's nemeses are Catwoman's cat, Isis, and the Joker's pet hyenas. Scott McNeil is the voice of Ace.

Kevin Whitney: Kevin is the young boy who Krypto lives with in the series, with Superman's permission. Kevin enjoys Krypto's company greatly, and is able to communicate with him and the other animals in the series thanks to a universal translator device. Kevin has a bratty cousin named Bailey who finds out Krypto's secret, but fortunately he's such a notorious liar that no adult believes him. Kevin also has a two-year-old sister named Melanie, who refers to Krypto as "Kippo" or "Kwypto". Kevin is voiced by Alberto Ghisi and Melanie is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.

Andrea: Kevin's next door neighbor, and the owner of Streaky. Andrea enjoys making Streaky play dress-up, but isn't aware of his (or Krypto's) superheroic identity. Andrea is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.

The Dog Star Patrol

A superpowered group of canines who each possess a unique superpower, and fight crime across the galaxy. Krypto joined the Dog Stars by helping the group out on a mission. The group is based on DC Comics' Space Canine Patrol Agents. The members of the Dog Star Patrol include:

Brainy Barker (voiced by Ellen Kennedy): The leader of the Dog Star Patrol, Brainy Barker possesses telepathic/telekinetic powers, allowing her to read minds, project forcefields, and levitate objects.

Mammoth Mutt (voiced by Kelly Sheridan): A tiny dog with the ability to inflate her body to an enormous ball-shaped size, allowing her to use her size to attack foes.

Bull Dog (voiced by Michael Dobson): A bulldog with two bull-like horns that can be used for attacking foes and breaking objects.

Paw Pooch (voiced by Dale Wilson): A dog with the ability to grow/sprout multiple limbs, allowing him to dig and run quickly.

Tail Terrier (voiced by Peter Kelamis): A terrier with the ability to stretch his tail and use it like a lasso.

Tusky Husky (voiced by Terry Klassen): A husky with a giant front tooth, which he can use as a drill.

Hot Dog (voiced by Trevor Devall): A daschund with the ability to generate tremendous heat.


Mechanikat: The main villain of the series, Mechanikat is a cyborg feline who constantly plots to conquer Earth. He usually keeps a bit of kryptonite on hand to use against Krypto, or to power up his machines with so they can affect Krypto. Mechanikat is voiced by Mark Oliver.

Snooky Wookums: Mechanikat's sidekick and secret agent, Snooky is an evil mastermind kitten who uses his cuteness and smarts to cause all sorts of trouble for Krypto and the Dog Star Patrol. Snooky is voiced by Nicole Bouma.

Ignatius: The pet iguana of Superman's archenemy Lex Luthor. Like Luthor, Ignatius is very intelligent, vain, and is morally ambivalent about making others suffer for personal gain; however, he tends to behave in a much less dignified manner than Luthor, and is more prone to engaging in frivolous (and dangerous) personal whims. Ignatius is voiced by Scott McNeil.