Darkseid is the ruler of the planet Apokolips, a post he obtained after assassinating his mother. He is obsessed with finding the Anti-Life Equation in order to use it to rule the universe. This goal also includes conquering his rival planet, New Genesis, ruled by the Highfather, formerly Izaya the Inheritor. The resulting destructive war is stopped only with a diplomatic exchange of the Highfather's and Darkseid's infant sons. Darkseid's Orion is surrendered to the Highfather while Darkseid receives Scott Free, who will later become the master escape artist Mister Miracle. This turns out to be a setback for Darkseid with his biological son growing up to fiercely value and defend the ideals of New Genesis in opposition to his father.

Darkseid’s latest attempt to attack earth was through the kidnapping of Supergirl. He had hoped that he was able to use Black Kryptonite to brainwash Supergirl, thus, providing him with a leader for his Female Furies, as well as a warrior on par with Superman. However, this plan backfired as Batman and Superman were able to save Supergirl. This set forward a plan of revenge by Darkseid to destroy Supergirl. This also fails as Supergirl is teleported out at the last minute. This sets Superman into a unparallel fit of rage as he hurls Darkseid into the sun where they attempted to destroy each other. Unfortunately, the sun scored the skin of Darkseid, weakening him. Superman beats him unconscious enough to throw into the Source Wall. There, Superman declared that, “For years and years you’ve tried to learn the secrets of Ultimate power from the other side. But you will never get the answers—just like the others who are entombed here. This is where you belong. Along with all the other failures in the universe.” However, the repercussions of Darkseid’s entombment have yet been ramified. The mysterious appearance of the Maximums has been linked to Darkseid.

Powers & Abilities

In addition to the considerable military forces at his command, Darkseid himself is quite formidable. His main power is the Omega Beam or Omega Effect, which is fired from his eyes. The Omega Effect is not only a powerful attack, but can teleport the target anywhere Darkseid chooses, erase the target from existence instantly and can then restore the target if he chooses. The Omega Effect is not limited to traveling in straight lines, able to bend or twist as needed. It can traverse time and different universes, and go through some barriers such as Orion's body.

Darkseid also possesses strength, speed, and stamina rivalling that of Superman. He has overpowered the demon Etrigan, and Lobo hurt his hand by punching Darkseid's face.

Darkseid has the ability to transmute matter. He turned Ol-Vir, a Daxamite, into dust, soap into dirt, and Slo-bo into a statue. He can teleport. He also has mind control greater than that of Sleez. According to Orion, he can travel through time as easily as any god. He can create life, as he did when he created Stayne.


Darkseid is a character whose personality can vaguely be described as evil incarnate. Darkseid is not merely content to control but to dominate those individuals under him into totally obedient and morally corrupt caricatures of individuals. Apokolips is a world that resembles Hell because of his need to be worshipped as a god and the need to nurture the most horrible aspects of the human spirit. In a personality cult reminiscent of Stalinism, his subjects are raised to venerate him, to sacrifice themselves gladly in his name.

Darkseid practices great emotional restraint, always maintaining a calm and disciplined composure despite the furious rage that often boils within him (his son, Orion, has inherited this rage but cannot control it as well as his father, relying on his mother box to keep his emotions in check). Darkseid seems to possess a twisted form of honor but this code is 'flexible' depending on his mood. It seems he desires to be thought of as an honorable being but never lets this stand in the way of his gaining power or revenge. He especially takes delight in seeing the mighty brought low whether in strength or moral conviction. Darkseid's primary weakness may be his obsession to get even with people who have gotten the better of him, especially Superman, Wonder Woman, and the New Gods. He may also begin to develop a grudge against Batman, who robbed him of his most powerful apprentice, Supergirl.

Darkseid's great ambition is to wipe out free will from the universe and reshape it in his own image. To this end, he seeks to unravel the mysterious 'Anti-Life Equation', which will allow him to control completely the thoughts and emotions of living beings. The Anti-Life Equation has often been portrayed as a quasi-mystical power that forces a listener to agree with whatever the wielder says. Other times, it is portrayed as a comprehensive scientific theory on how to dominate any living mind, whatever its nature may be.

Whilst he has yet to obtain a complete working copy of the Anti-Life Equation, he has tried on several other occasions to achieve dominance of the universe through other methods. Darkseid has a special interest in Earth, as he believes humans possess collectively within their minds most, if not all, fragments of the Anti-Life Equation. If he should conquer Earth, he will probe the mind of every human to piece together the Equation.

Orion possesses significant fragments of the Anti-Life Equation, while Scott Free (Better known as Mister Miracle) is the only being in existence who knows the entire code.


As with gods in other mythologies, Darkseid is incredibly powerful, but cannot escape his ultimate destiny. It has been fortold that Darkseid will meet his final defeat at the hands of his son Orion, in a cataclysmic battle in the fiery Armaghetto of Apokolips. Presumably this outcome would occur at the climax of the New Gods series, but the title's unforeseen cancellation instead brought Darkseid's story arc to an unceremonious end, and both he and Orion were brought into the mainstream DC universe, while Kirby moved on to other projects.

While this changeover kept Darkseid alive as a character, some fans feel it is to his detriment. No writers appear willing to write the ultimate resolution to the character, either out of respect for Kirby or because they are not about to kill off one of DC's most popular villains. As well, the idea of reversing or annulling the prophecy has been turned down, also out of respect to Kirby. At the present time Darkseid and Orion will not have their final battle in the forseeable future, and thus both characters, while still active, are in a story arc "limbo", and the closest his character has yet come to death is an off screen disappearance in the DCAU, although this is both unlikely to be permanent, and is outside of standard DCU continuity.

In the post apocalyptic miniseries, Kingdom Come Orion has now deposed Darkseid, fulfiling the prophecy, and is ruler of Apokalips. However, the changes that he wished to make (democracy, freedom) were quickly stopped, making him bitter and cynical. Superman is disappointed in Orion's progress and says his new demeanor is more like Darkseid than ever.

In an ironic twist concerning Darkseid's fate, Grant Morrison wrote a story during his run on JLA that featured Darkseid's death at the hands of Orion. However, it took place on Earth with Orion blowing up the entire planet to kill Darkseid, who was in a vegetative state becuse of the Atom. This Earth, an alternate future, was wiped out of existence moments later when Aquaman, the Flash (Wally West), and Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) of the present Earth went back to the present to stop Superman from destroying an artifact which preceded the Earth's takeover by Darkseid.

Recent Characterizations

Although Darkseid had previously been written as a nigh-unbeatable and omnipotent foe, his recent characterizations have shown him to be massively powered down as a result of the more personal enmity his animated version has for Superman. While he still far outstrips his animated counterpart in strength, speed and stamina, the level to which he has been reduced places him at comparable tier of power to the comic version of Superman. In one instance, his Omega Effect is deflected by Superman's heat vision, and more recently Wonder Woman's bracelets, feats that normally would have been impossible according to previous continuity. Superman himself will neither be a match for Darkseid's Omega Effect, if it should ever hit his body at full power; nor is Wonder Woman, as the Omega Effect, when properly portrayed, would go through her enchantment and hit her directly.

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Darkseid nearly single handedly defeated the anti-monitor before the series' final conclusion. Taking this into account, Darkseid's powers -- like Superman's after the Crisis -- seem to have been cut down to half or less of their pre-Crisis level. While not leaving Darkseid any less of a threat, he is now obviously much closer to Superman in the level of power he wields.

In Grant Morrison's 2005 Mister Miracle miniseries, it was revealed that Darkseid finally discovered the Anti-Life Equation, which he then used to destroy the Fourth World altogether. The New Gods fled to Earth, where they hid: Highfather and his followers are now a group of homeless people, Metron is an epileptic, the Black Racer is an old white man in a wheelchair, Desaad is an evil psychiatrist, Granny Goodness is a pimp for the Female Furies, and Darkseid himself is now an evil businessman who is referred to only as 'Dark Side'.

Powers & Abilities

The Eradicator's body was created from the genetic template of Superman's, when Superman died at the hands of Doomsday, making him Kryptonian. Being that, the Eradicator possesses similar powers to that of Superman, such as incredible strength, speed, invulnerability, heat vision and flight. He also possesses ultra acute senses but to a limited degree. Being a program from Krypton, the Eradicator possesses extensive knowledge of Krypton, is extremely intelligent, as well as the ability to compute and process information at incredible speed.

But what distinguishes the Eradicator from other Kryptonians is his ability to manipulate energy. Eradicator has vast energy manipulation abilities, ranging from being able to absorb, convert and release various forms of energy as powerful blasts from his hands or eyes. Also, after the Eradicator and Mr. Majestic fought, Mr. Majestic altered the Eradicator's programming to make him more aware. The full extent of his programming alteration is unclear, although it has been shown that he can sense beings and gateways from alternate realities such as the Bleed.

Although he has enhanced senses, the Eradicator once had to wear a special visor designed to cut down visible light, since his eyes were particularly sensitive to it.

Other Appearances

He has appeared in the later seasons of The Super Friends animated television series, perhaps to fulfill the producers' request for a villain similar to Star Wars' Darth Vader. He often would combine whatever villanous agenda of the episode with the scheme of forcing Wonder Woman to marry him. He was voiced by Frank Welker. Jack Kirby said that the network executives tried to go behind his back and call the character "Darkside" for the "Super Powers" tv show, but Mr. Kirby was adamant about the name staying the same.

In addition, he appears in the current DC Animated Universe continuity, produced by Bruce Timm, where he is voiced by Michael Ironside. First tormenting Superman to join him in Superman: The Animated Series, and then in Justice League where he teamed up with Brainiac to destroy the Justice League. Orion went a couple rounds with him before getting his back broken and Superman got the upper hand over him and destroyed his Boom Tube where Brainiac's Asteroid Base blew up. Until now, it's unknown what happened to Darkseid. But in Justice League Unlimited, a civil war sprang on Apokolips between Granny Goodness and Vermin Vundabar during Darkseid's disappearance.

In this current animated version of Darkseid possess speed, strength and stamina slightly above Superman's level in addition to his Omega Effect, but he once lost in "hand to hand" combat (but not without using laser vision and omega effect respectively, of course) with Superman, during one of the last episodes of Superman: the Animated Series. His Omega Effect is shown to be powerful enough to kill/disintegrate on impact, but presumably, Darkseid wishes not to use that on Superman due to it removing the tangible pleasure of humbling the Man of Steel himself. The one time that Darkseid might have used the Omega Effect at full capacity, Superman saw it coming and covered both of Darkseid's eyes very tightly with his own hands, creating a backfire effect and charring the lord of Apokolips significantly.

During the first of the two-part series finale of Justice League Unlimited, Lex Luthor tries to resurrect Brainiac by having the Legion tranform their base into a spacecraft to find lost pieces of Brainiac's last base; but with Tala's help, Gorilla Grodd attempts a coup to retake control of the Legion, leading to a battle between members loyal to Grodd and Luthor. In the end, Luthor defeats Grodd by turning his hypnosis power back on him and then disposes of those loyal to Grodd, showing Killer Frost mercy when she turns her freeze power on them. When the Legion reaches the location, Luthor uses Tala's magic to restore Brainiac, but instead resurrects Darkseid, who rewards Luthor for his help by giving the Legion of Doom a quick death. The remnants of the Legion soon appear alive and well back on Earth, (saved by a forcefield concocted by Sinestro and Star Sapphire) and go to the Justice League to warn them of Darkseid.

Darkseid makes his way to Earth, beginning his rampage by decimating Metropolis and beats Superman into submission after a lengthy battle across the city with the Man of Steel. Finally, Darkseid is apparently destroyed when Luthor uses the recently-acquired Anti-Life Equation on him, having attained it with the aid of the New God Metron. Although Luthor seemingly perishes with Darkseid, several Justice League members remark that they will likely see the two again.

After his resurrection in the Justice League Unlimited episode, "Alive!", Darkseid returned with greatly enhanced power levels, as well as a new ability he called the Agony Matrix, which he displayed in "Destroyer". It manifested in electric blue currents that restrained the victim. He described it as "direct neural stimulation of pain receptors, all of them. Imagine the worst pain you have ever felt in your life, times a thousand. Now imagine that pain continuing, forever."

While Darkseid returned with greatly enhanced power, it was not enough to overpower Superman. Superman reveals that through his whole existance he has "never let go" in fear of his true powers seriously hurting people. Upon confronting Darkseid, however, he "lets go" and uses the full extent of his strength. With a punch he knocks Darkseid across the city through buildings, but before Darkseid has a chance to recover from the attack, Superman uses great super speed to get in front of the airborne Darksied and knock him to the ground, showing physical dominance over arguably the most powerful villan in "Justice League Unlimited". It is then that Darkseid uses his "Agony Matrix" to overwhelm Superman. Despite this, however, Darkseid thereafter rises to his feet.

The New 52 version of Darkseid was featured as the primary antagonist in the 2014 DC Original Animated movie, "Justice League: War."