December 12, 2011: Superman Socks Skyrocket in Popularity and Price

Thanks to 2011 Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III, the popularity of a pair of Superman socks featuring a small cape have sold out at all major retailers and on-line stores.

Griffin sported a pair of the relatively unknown knee-high socks in front of a massive crowd at the Heisman Trophy acceptance ceremony in New York City.

Soon after, Griffin and Superman fans sought out any retailer they could find that had the socks in stock; leaving them with empty shelf space as all pairs sold out at a staggering pace.

The popularity of the Superman socks has increased so much so that pairs are now selling on such on-line auction sites as Ebay for upwards of $500.00 a pair!

The Super Museum in Superman's official hometown of Metropolis, IL had many pairs in stock prior to Griffin wearing them but, like everyone else, quickly sold out of their entire inventory as well.

In order to help meet the demands of everyone trying to find a pair, the museum is currently accepting pre-orders on the popular socks at the resonable price of $18.95 a pair.

Shipments of the Superman socks are expected to begin arriving at the Super Museum in January with orders being mailed out the same day. Click here to place your pre-order for a pair of the Superman socks before they sell-out again!