July 27, 2015: Exclusive Interview with Lana Lang Actress, Stacy Haiduk

by Neil A. Cole

Actress Stacy Haiduk starred as Lana Lang from 19881992 on the popular "Superboy" live-action television series which would later become "The Adventures of Superboy" at the start of the third season.

In the following exclusive interview with the Superman Super Site, Haiduk talks about her days of working on the Universal Studios - Orlando set of the series as well as her career prior to and following "Superboy". Enjoy:

Super Site: In addition to "The Adventures of Superboy", one of your first acting roles was in the 1987 comedy "Magic Sticks" which also featured Samuel L. Jackson in one of his earliest roles. Had you been pursuing a career in acting prior to this casting and what memories do you have of this early role?
Haiduk: Honestly, I don't remember much. I had been pursuing acting. I was taking classes and auditioning. This was very early on in my New York day's. Probably one of my 3rd or 4th jobs.

Super Site: Your role as Lana Lang in "The Adventures Superboy" was the first time this iconic character had been featured in a lead role on television. How did you find out about the casting call and what was it like knowing you had gotten the part?
Haiduk: Well, you have to have an agent. Then the agent sets you up for the audition and I remember this audition was at a hotel in New York. I remember there were so many actors there reading for the part of Superboy and Lana Lang. Jennifer Aniston was reading for the part of Lana when I was there. We don't have to worry about her, she did alright for herself. They had asked me to come back and read with the actors they had for Superboy. I remember being in the room with Ilya and Bob, the producers and then Lynn Stalmaster, the Casting Director. I spent 2 days reading with probably 20 different guys. Finally a little over a week went by and they found 2 people they wanted to test. Of course I was reading opposite them. All I could think is I hope I get the part. I think it was a week after that and I got the call that I was going to be there Lana, but they were still looking for their Superboy. I must say I was thrilled. It was my first big acting job and I was going to get paid! Every Week for 13 weeks! Wow!

Super Site: Although the character of Lana Lang was Clark Kent's sweetheart during his Smallville days, she is not as well known or publicized as Lois Lane. What steps did you take to learn more about the character and prepare for the role itself?
Haiduk: I did not know much about Lana. I saw the Superman movie and remembered Diane Sherry Case, who I had the honor of meeting recently, play the role, but that was pretty much it. I was a teenager who had crushes on boys, and friends who were boys, so doing the role was just tapping into that, and when there was a villain, which was pretty much every episode, just call for Superboy. LOL!!!

Super Site: Following season one of "The Adventures Superboy", quite a few changes were made to the series with one of the most drastic being Gerard Christopher taking over the role of Superboy/Clark Kent from John Haymes Newton. What was is like working with a new actor in the title role and how was his interpretation of the character different than that of Newton's?
Haiduk: I enjoyed working with John, it was new and exciting. He and I started dating while working, which in the acting world is a NO NO. It started getting a little sour toward the end of the first season. So having Gerard come in was a nice break. Both of them brought a lovely charm to the role, but I feel the stories got better during the the 2nd, 3rd and 4th season. So Gerard really got to do more and it was a lot of fun!

Super Site: "The Adventures Superboy" truly was a wonderful series and received a resurgence when it was officially released on DVD for the first time a few years ago. Looking back, what are some of your fondest memories while on the set and do you still keep in touch with your co-stars?
Haiduk: Some of my fondest memories was just being the first series to be shot in Florida. Getting to go the back way through Disney World and Universal. I remember one Friday evening, after shooting, we all got on the electric golf carts and went zooming through Universal's back lot. Gerard was in one cart and I was in the other. We started racing on the back lot streets and I won, because Gerard ran his cart into a fire hydrant. Ha! Fun times! I see some of the actors and directors, or many of them Facebook me through out the years!! It was a good time!!

Super Site: You recently were part of the "Superman: The Movie" cast reunion at WonderCon and a guest at the annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL. What is it like meeting all the fans of this memorable series all these years later at these special events?
Haiduk: I must say it's the fans that keep it all alive. I love meeting each and every one.

Super Site: Following "The Adventures of Superboy", you have had starring roles on such memorable TV series as "SeaQuest 2032", "The Young and the Restless", and "True Blood". What have been some of your other favorite roles & series to work on and what does the future hold for Stacy Haiduk?
Haiduk: Well I loved my role and the show "Kindred: The Embraced" which only lasted 7 episodes. I also enjoyed working on "Prison Break". I always wished they would last longer, though.

Super Site: Thank you so much for taking to time to participate in our interview! It was an absolute pleasure to meet you at the Superman Celebration and hopefully we'll meet again soon.
Haiduk: Thank you and a pleasure meeting you as well. Love and light!!