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George Dzundza
1945 -

George Dzundza was born July 19, 1945. He is best known for his role as Sergeant Max Greevey in the first season of the TV crime drama Law & Order. He also played Commander Daskal in The Beast. His other major film roles include The Deer Hunter, Basic Instinct, Crimson Tide, and Dangerous Minds.

Born in Rosenheim, Germany, Dzundza spent the first few years of his life in displaced persons camps in Germany with his Ukrainian father, Polish mother, and one brother. Before immigrating to the United States in 1956, they lived in Amsterdam for some years.

His other, lesser known acting roles include the Archie Bunker-like father in the short-lived Christina Applegate sitcom Jesse, and the voice of the supervillain Ventriloquist in Batman: The Animated Series and Perry White in Superman: The Animated Series, as well as numerous minor roles within both shows. His Broadway theatre credits include Terrence McNally's The Ritz.

Most recently, Dzundza portrayed T.R. Knight's father on Grey's Anatomy.

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