December 6, 2012: "Superboy: The Complete Second Season" Coming to DVD

The Warner Archive Collection continues its rollout of fanboy-centric DC Comics properties with the December 11th DVD release of the much-requested sophomore season of the Alexander & Ilya Salkind produced "Superboy: The Complete Second Season."

Following the popular release of its inaugural season on DVD, "Superboy: The Complete Second Season" features the 1989-1990 exploits of a new actor – Gerard Christopher – in the lead role. Bringing with him a fan’s enthusiasm and delight for all things Kryptonian, and aided by a writing staff that included true DC Comics superstar scribes (including Andy Helfer, Cary Bates, Denny O’Neil and Mike Carlin), Christopher sent the show soaring up into ever-more super-heroic heights. Familiar four-color threats faced by our boy Kal-El include a now follicle challenged Lex Luthor (who makes Lana his bride decades before they did it in Smallville), Metallo, Bizarro, Mr. Mxyzptlk and Yellow Peri in this complete 26-Episode, 3-Disc Collection. Also starring Stacy Haiduk and Ilan Mitchell-Smith.

"Superboy: The Complete Second Season" includes a fascinating array of guest stars, including 007 veterans George Lazenby (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) and Britt Ekland (The Man With the Golden Gun) as Jor-El and Lara; Philip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice) as Brimstone; Michael Callan (Cat Ballou) as Metallo; Michael J. Pollard (Bonnie & Clyde) as Mr. Mxyzptik; as well as Key Luke (Kung Fu), George Chakaris (West Side Story), Richard Kiel (The Spy Who Loved Me), Gilbert Gottfried (Aladdin) and George Maharis (Route 66).

"Superboy: The Complete Second Season" will be available on Tuesday, December 11 via and other major online retailers. The suggested retail price of $35.98.

"Superboy: The Complete Second Season" is presented in it's original 4x3 1:37 aspect ratio.