October 19, 2011: Rare Superman Items Available at Auction

As part of their 204th auction, Hake's Americana and Collectibles in York, PA is offerring an assortment of Superman collectibles and memorabilia from the 1940's, 50's, 60's and 70's. Some of the featured items are:

  • 1941 Superman Secret Chamber Ring produced by Ostby & Barton of Rhode Island, offered as a premium for the “Superman Defense Club” milk program, costing 2 bottlecaps and 10˘. Hake’s Pop Culture Memorabilia 2008 Price Guide reports only 10 known: 4-Good, 5-Fine, 1-VF. In comparison, the related ring from the same promotion with a letter and eyeball on top has 27 reported known. This Superman on ring top version has sides showing a star and planet. Snap-off brass top has letter “S,” diagonal lightning bolt and well-struck image of Superman from waist up breaking a chain across his chest with image surrounded by accent lines.
  • Rare "Supermen of America Action Comics" large premium emblem/patch that was briefly issued in late 1939-early 1940 in Superman and Action Comics and obtained by recruiting 3 friends to join the Supermen of America Club. This is one of the very earliest Superman premiums. Large 5.5" dia. This was originally advertised as a “Superman Emblem.” Unlike other similar patches which are just felt, this is made of 2 thin layers of felt and sandwiched between these layers is a thin sheet of cardboard which gives the patch a high degree of stiffness although it remains flexible if pressure is applied.
  • 1977 Mego Superman Factory Prototype figure created specifically for the Canadian distributor Parkdale Novelty and was also sold in the UK, France and Italy. The movie version Superman has a buff chest and different head, which was common of nearly all of the 12" releases in the US. Visit www.megomuseum.com for a full detailed history on this item. This is the only Mego superhero prototype in recent years to come up for sale and is a one of a kind investment for the ultimate Mego or Superman collector. From the Morris Kotzer Collection, founder and president of Parkdale Novelty, exclusive distributor of Mego toys in Canada in the 1970s.
  • View the complete list of Superman items up for auction at Hakes.com.