Vintage Superman & DC Comics Cover Art Featured in New Calendars

by by Neil A. Cole

Asgard Press has created a new series of 2018 calendars featuring classic cover art from various Superman and DC Comics issues from the 1940's, 50's, and 60's.

The publisher was kind enough to provide the Superman Super Site with review samples of three of these latest calendars including two 9 x 13 versions and a 7 x 7 desktop version.

The "Vintage Superman" calendar features an Action Comics cover from issue No. 41 of the classic comic book series with artwork by Fred Ray and Paul Cassidy while the "Vintage DC Comics" calendar features a classic cover from World's Finest Comics issue No. 36 with artwork by Win Mortimer, Wayne Boring, and Stan Kaye.

Both cover art images are also featured as the September ("Vintage DC Comics") and November ("Vintage Superman") illustrations of their respective calendars.

Each month's classic cover art image includes a storyline summary of the comic book issue as well as select panels from the comic. Also featured is a full-sized watermark reproduction of the interior cover page from each comic book issue which serves as background artwork for each calendar month.

All the high-gloss, vintage artwork covers are also perforated at the edges and can be easily removed to fit a standard 9 12 inch frame which makes them even that more desirable as an addition to any DC Comics or Superman fan's collection.

The "Vintage DC Comics" desktop calendar also features classic cover art but on a much smaller scale including a very well-known image by Win Mortimer of the Justice Society of America from issue No. 36 of All Star Comics as it's cover. The cover is also featured as the November illustration.

As with the full-sized calendars, the desktop calendar includes a summary of each comic book storyline from all 12 classic comic book covers. However, the cover art is showcased alongside a "3-months-at-once" layout on the front with a daily entry datebook design and watermark image on the back.

Each of the comic book covers are also perforated and detachable as 4 x 6 inch lithographs or as ready-to-mail postcards complete with the storyline summary of the classic cover art image.

Asgard Press has done an amazing job recreating these amazing classic comic book covers and presenting them in a truly stunning eco-friendly calendar format. Each calendar is an absolute must-own for any fan of Superman, DC Comics, or comic books in general.

The "Vintage Superman" and "Vintage DC Comics" full-sized calendars retail for $18.95 while the "Vintage DC Comics" desktop edition sells for $14.95. All three calendars are available for purchase at Asgard Press and various bookseller locations.

Each classic comic book cover art title from all three calendars is listed below:

"Vintage Superman":

  • Adventure Comics No. 136
  • Action Comics No. 39
  • Adventure Comics No. 138
  • Action Comics No. 242
  • Superboy No. 3
  • Lois Lane No. 7
  • Adventure Comics No. 210
  • Superman No. 43
  • Action Comics No. 64
  • Action Comics No. 149
  • Action Comics No. 254
  • Action Comics No. 41
  • Action Comics No. 93
  • "Vintage DC Comics":

  • Batman No. 26
  • All-Star Comics No. 2
  • Action Comics No. 276
  • Wonder Woman No. 2
  • Flash Comics No. 15
  • Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane No. 7
  • All-Star Comics No. 22
  • Flash Comics No. 1
  • Wonder Woman No. 3
  • Whiz Comics No. 18
  • World's Finest Comics No. 36
  • Action Comics No. 105
  • "Vintage DC Comics" Desktop Calendar:

  • Batman No. 20
  • Superboy No. 80
  • Hawkman No. 4
  • Action Comics No. 276
  • Whiz Comics No. 22
  • Detective Comics No. 91
  • All-Star Comics No. 22
  • Adventure Comics No. 170
  • Wonder Woman No. 5
  • All-Star Comics No. 36
  • Detective Comics No. 44
  • Action Comics No. 117