September 12, 2017: History of Superman's Costume in Live Action Examined

by Neil Cole

Superman has appeared in numerous live action movies and television series throughout the iconic character's nearly 80-year history with various actors donning versions of the classic costume.

Inverse has put together an article that takes an indepth look at how the costume has changed with each new actor stepping into the role on television or in film.

For more than 75 years, Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel's Superman has flown up, up, and away as an American icon recognized all around the world. But while Superman has had radical costumes changes in the pages of DC Comics, a quick glance at his live-action super-suits would make you think he looks pretty much the same throughout the years. But you'd be wrong. Every single TV and movie Superman's suit is totally different.

The article examines the costumes worn by such well-known Superman actors as George Reeves ("The Adventures of Superman"), Christopher Reeve ("Superman: The Movie"), and Henry Cavill ("Man of Steel") as well as Kirk Alyn; the first actor to ever don the red & blue suit on screen in the 1948 "Superman" film serial.

Check out the full article at the above link.