August 8, 2017: "Krypton" Cast & Crew Reveal Details About Season 1

by Neil Cole

DC Entertainment have released a new video from San Diego Comic-Con featuring interviews with "Krypton" executive producer Cameron Welsh and actor Cameron Cuffe (Seyg-El) discussing the upcoming SyFy Channel series.

While the new series is somewhat inspired by the 2013 blockbuster film "Man of Steel", both Welsh and Cuffe reveal that John Byrne and Mike Mignola's 1987 comic book mini-series "The World of Krypton" had a deeper inspiration.

"John Byrne's The World of Krypton - we drew a lot from that," states Welsh. "And the Man of Steel opening, with David Goyer being creator of this show. He has such a deep, extensive knowledge of all that. Relatively speaking, it's kind of an unexplored part of the DC universe and Superman mythology."

Check out the full video here:

"Krypton" is scheduled to debut on SyFy in 2018.