July 22, 2015: Supervillain Reactron to Appear on "Supergirl"

by Neil A. Cole

The supervillain Reactron will make his first ever live appearance on a TV series when he is featured in episode three of the new CBS series "Supergirl".

The character - also known as Ben Krullen (Pre-Crisis) and later Benjamin Martin Krull (Post-Crisis) - debuted in June, 1983 in "The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #8" in a story written by Paul Kupperberg and drawn by Carmine Infantino.

Reactron has the ability to generate radiation from his body and can focus this into concussive blasts. Currently, he is also equipped with a heart made of a gold Kryptonite variant, which allows him to render a Kryptonian powerless for 15 seconds

He has previously been featured as a member of the Suicide Squad and the Nuclear Legion. During the "Superman: New Krypton" storyline, he was partnered with Metallo and killed Supergirl's birth parents, Zor-El and Alura.

As of this writing, CBS is still in the process of casting an actor for the role of Reactron.

"Supergirl" is scheduled to premiere at 8:30PM (EST) on Monday, October 26th on CBS.